ARSA PHOENIX is a physical programmable board, based on ESP32 SoC.

It contains a very powerful 240MHz 32-Bit CPU from Xtensa and a co-processor for ultra-low power application.

Designed for IoT projects, ARSA PHOENIX has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for its connectivity, lots of memory space (4MB Flash, 520 SRAM) and GPIO pins.

It also has a very small and breadboard-friendly shape and dimension.


A perfect platform for Internet of Things projects, with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection

For Students

Are you a high school student who join a robotics club in your school ? a university student who preparing the Lab or final year projects ? Wants to build your first robot ?

With ARSA, you can learn, develop, and build your robot or any electronics projects seamlessly. Because ARSA is easy to use and powerful, but the most important is, It has an affordable price for students.

For now, we are developing a robotics learning kit and a starter guide for anyone who wants to learn our system for the first time

For Hobbyist

Have any robotics and/or any electronics projects ? Our products is small, powerful, and affordable for hobbyist. Then with our drag-n-drop programming software, ARSA IDE, you can simply focus on your algoritm while we do the coding.

For Researcher

From energy, telecommunication, control system, and mechanics. Our products help researchers to develop their projects in many different applications.

Example :

Solar tracker, bionics, cam-less engine, etc

For Industry & Companies

A perfect platform for a tech startup or even a big corporation to build their products, from prototyping to final.

Example :

Fintech, data driven farming, sensor network, tracking device, etc

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We will launch our product in October 2018

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ARSA Technology is a newly born tech startup in Surabaya, Indonesia. Our vision is to make electronics hardware development easy and affordable for everyone.

Unfortunately, our founders have very limited resources for cash, and only have made ARSA Merah, the proof of concept of our whole products, click here for more details.

Then with hope, we personally invite you to donate to our startup, help us to develop our projects further and make some growth. If you have any questions feel free to contact

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