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Automation & IoT R&D Services and Solutions

We provide automation & IoT services and solutions both hardware and software, starting from R&D, prototyping, to mass production. An All in one service to develop your IoT Products.

Designing and Building Electronics Circuit Since 2017

We design and buid electronics specifically in IoT, from a simple Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, Long Range LoRa, a high-bandwith 4G, to a sophisticated NB-IoT. Modules we’ve ever designed usually have one or more MCUs with connections to sensors, actuators, comm ICs, etc.

Research & Development

We do research on the circuit specifically for clients’ application, then design the schematics and the layout of the electronics


Once we finalized the design, we build and rebuild prototypes until the desired quality and functions achieved


After the prototype completed, we can help you to mass produce it, together with our partner manufacturer

Hardware Solution

We design a very specific customized hardware every single time we solve our client’s problem to make sure we provide the best solution that match precisely to what needed.

Resulting a low cost reliable customized specific hardware

Software Solution

To support and complete the hardware we created, we can also provide you a web app as a dashboard for an IoT application

From energy production dashboard, sensor network dashboard, to manufacturing dashboard

A True Player In The Industry

We can design & make hardware with features :

  • GSM 4G & NB-IoT Connections (SIMCOMM & U-Blox)
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, & LoRa (ESP, STM, Semtech, U-Blox)
  • Accurate GNSS (SIMCOMM & U-Blox)
  • MCU, FPGA & Custom-made IC to control sensors, modules & actuators (Atmel, STM, NXP, Xilinx, Altera, & Custom-made IC)
  • MiniPC such as Raspberry-Pi, etc

For applications such as :

  • Sensor Network
  • LoRaWAN
  • Industrial control
  • Automation
  • IoT Gateway
  • Robotics
  • Smart Home
  • Everything about IoT

Lets Make an Impact Together

Our team are working together with Indonesian Startups and Corporations to help and advance IoT application in Indonesia for a better future

First assembled in late 2017, our team consist of electronics engineers with at least 2 years of experience.

Awards & Achievements :

  • Finalist of Tech Planter 2018
  • Regional Finalist Asia Hardware Battle 2018
  • Winner GoStartupIndonesia 2018 Surabaya
  • L’Nest Grant 2018

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Our Work

Below are some of electronics we’ve ever designed and built

A. Hilmy A. Izzulhaq

Founder & CEO ARSA Technology

Our team constantly innovating in electronics circuits since late 2017. Our goal is to support the development of IoT Hardware Technology in Indonesia. We keep working and help IoT Startups in Indonesia to rise by handling their hardware problems while they can keep their focus on their application.

It’s not about how advanced and sophisticated the technology that we are working on, but it is about how we can improve the way we live

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